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This all actually started many years ago and pretty much by doing one thing  that leads to another after another.  We used to farm and so I got heavy into gardening on a large scale.  My other loves besides my husband have been animals and flowers along with photography.  

Throughout the years I have literally taken thousands of photos and recently I began taking my graphics to products through a fine company called Zazzle!


Zazzle is an online production that is a coordinator of designers, makers and associates that come together to create thousands of beautiful products that are offered in the Zazzle market place and through varies social medias on line!

The makers produce the items.   The designers produce the graphic artwork that goes on to these products.  Then Zazzle helps the makers and the artists come together to create and market the products they sell.  It is really quite the production!

Zazzle provides a market place for ouR art.  We, as artists have nothing to do actually with the production of the products but we do take the time to not only create but we promote our designs as does Zazzle!  There is no doubt we make full use of social media and the productions of websites to accomplish all of this!

As artists we have nothing to do with customer service other than occasionally to help a customer get to where they can be to purchase our creations!

When I first started with Zazzle I was looking for a company to help me make some products that I could use to promote diabetic awareness.  It was part of my journey through an illness that moves into so many lives, including my own.  I had many medical bills and needed to garner some income.  And so it began, my hopeful road to recovery,  the Journey for a Cure and my pathway to the Zazzle community.

I hope you enjoy my designs and the products they come on!  Your purchase is not without a cause!  If you like what you see here, feel free to contact me!

Here in my  KBE LTD website, I hope to present a taste of my graphics!  Enjoy!

              Your photographer, graphic designer


    Creator of KBE LTD

        and my KBE FARMS LTD                 stores at Zazzle!

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